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5 things we have learnt from cricket this summer

In the latest of our Cricket reviews, Jeff Vaughan reflects on the Cricket season thus far and gives us something to look forward to. 

1• How disappointing was the Sydney Test due to inclement weather and how poor were the West Indies during the Test series?

The West Indies have been poor all summer and it is really sad seeing the current state of the game in this once very exciting team of quality skilled players. It must break the hearts of former players like Richardson, Ambrose and Walsh to be involved with and to see the current day players delivering so poorly.  They show no real excitement, passion or enjoyment for the great game. It is a poor state of affairs indeed. The big question is, when, and if we will see the West Indies compete in another Test series in Australia? I really hope it is very soon and that they can once again be at the top of the game playing the cricket we all know they can deliver.

Also, I was incredibly sad for all involved in the McGrath foundation to see the entirety of Day 3 rained out and no ability to truly celebrate what a wonderfully giving charity this has become. No doubt people will still show support by offering donations and bidding for the Pink “Baggies” but unfortunately some supportive cash was definitely lost that day due to no play.

2• The Big Bash League has been potentially the biggest injection of excitement to Cricket for the public and the players ever!

It seems that it is at a perfect time of year for people to attend, everyone seems to be watching it every night on the TV, and it brings new people to the game every day. People who go 11 months of the year not really thinking about cricket really get into this format and enjoy all it has to offer. Well done to all involved for making it such a wonderful spectacle!

3• Is Chris Lynn the most unlucky player to miss selection for the Aussie One Day team?

Lynn is in scintillating form at the moment. He has hit more 6’s than any other player in the history of the BBL and seems to be getting runs every time he goes out to bat. Surely he will play a big part in our T20 World Cup team to be played in India in a few months time. I would have loved to have seen him in the middle order of the Aussie line up for the One Dayers’ but as is always the case, if you want to put another player in the selectors would need to leave someone out.

4• I hope everyone was able to see the Innings from Travis Head from the Strikers on New Year’s Eve.

If you haven’t yet seen it, do yourself a favour and have a look at the innings up online. Quite simply it was some of the cleanest hitting you could ever wish to see. The Strikers were completely gone from the match, not looking like they would get within 30 runs of the target that the Sydney Sixes set them. This was until Travis (along with some poor “length” bowling) stole the match quicker than a blink of the eye! It was some truly awesome hitting and it would be wise to keep your eyes on this young man. I have mentioned before that we will see Travis in Australian colours very, very soon and he will quickly become a fan favourite.

Trav is a very down to earth young man from the Gawler area North of Adelaide. He is laid back, loves chilling out with his mates and having a good time. What people don’t see underneath this laid back exterior is an incredibly gifted, extremely tough and driven young man who is honing his craft as well as his leadership qualities at great speed. Trav is on track to take the cricketing world by storm. Remember the name!

It is a a great result for Australian cricket to have players like Head and Lynn putting real pressure on the big boys for spots in the team. We will see a lot more from both of these players for many years to come.

5• The most exciting part of the summer is still ahead of us.

Whilst we have seen plenty of Test cricket this summer, there is still the One Day series as well as the T20 Internationals to come. India are very strong in the shorter form of the game so expect some stiff competition from them. Along with some quality opposition we also get to see some new names injected into the Australian team. Any time there are debutantes and youngsters around, we as spectators love to sit and watch them, learn about how they play the game, decide if we rate them and their skills and get excited about what may come in the future.

With the ball in the hands of names like Kane Richardson, Joel Paris, Scott Boland there will be plenty of that excitement over the next few weeks. Whilst I am very much keen for the One Day thrillers I am however looking forward to the Test series in New Zealand through February. For me, that is our real test and what I am most looking forward to for the remainder of the summer.

Enjoy the Cricket!

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What’s your dream job?

So Christmas is over, the New Year is here and you don’t really have any direction in your career path. Maybe you’re stuck in a job you don’t really like or you’re looking for a promotion or more opportunities in your current job?

The New Year is the perfect time to set new job goals! Here are our tips on giving your career or job prospects a New Year boost.

1. Do your research

What are you passionate about? Confucius says ‘choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. Look at job trends and employment demand for the careers you are interested in. Can you combine a passion with an in-demand skill or industry that’s going places? Hot trends for 2016 are in the fields of finance, life sciences and healthcare, human resources and digital marketing.

2. Get qualified

Getting a qualification is the perfect stepping stone to get that dream job you’ve always wanted. The courses a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offer can be pathways to further study and can open up a world of opportunities. If you’re going to undertake training make sure it’s the right training. Choose a training provider or RTO that suits your requirements and above all, is reputable. See our past blog 5 Steps to Choosing an RTO for tips on what to look for. Most industries will have prerequisite qualifications for entry or those that they value more than others. Make sure you choose a course that an employer will regard positively.

3. CV overhaul

Make sure your resume is up to date and lists relevant skills and qualifications. Some useful resume tips include:

Targeting. The more targeted a resume is, the greater your chances of getting that interview. Employers want to know exactly what you can do for their company. Tailor each resume to the job you are applying for (it only takes a few sentences to do this). Remove any irrelevant information.

Be consistent. Ensure your resume is logical and easy to read. Be consistent with everything, such as the spacing, margins and borders. Emphasise important points with basic text enhancements such as boldness, italics or underlining.

Don’t use fancy fonts, pictures and bright colours! Always remember that the ability to quickly scan your resume is key.

All of the above may get you noticed…but for the wrong reasons. Remember, you only have about 30 seconds, so don’t make the viewer spend 20 of them figuring out how to read your resume.

4. Sell yourself Get online.

Get yourself a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one and make valuable connections with colleagues, industry discussion groups and thought leaders. Comment, like and engage in conversations and posts to elevate your profile. If you already have a LinkedIn profile consider your engagement strategy.

5. Be persistent

Don’t be discouraged on the first knock back. Resilience and persistence pays off. Stop making excuses, stop procrastinating, set some goals and get qualified. Start taking the steps today, and who knows where you could be next year!


Gold Training commits to youth with new qualification

Gold Training is delivering on their promise of supporting the lives of young Australians with the addition of the Certificate IV in Youth Works (CHC40413) qualification.

With a proud history of supporting the community and especially youth programs, Gold Training is poised to take this culture into the broader community to train those who share their passion.

This qualification enables students to study subjects focusing on areas such as working with diversity, dealing with mental health issues and effective responses to potential or critical situations. Skills which are in strong demand across the region.

Youth Work is a demanding yet rewarding career path with opportunities in the areas of Indigenous services, family services, welfare case work and community development.  The course is also beneficial for those wishing to work with young people from disadvantaged, migrant or culturally diverse origins.

Gold Training also encourages those who have an interest in youth, junior sporting programs or sports administrators to enrol for this course to enhance their understanding and relationship building skills with the younger generation.

The first offering of this course will be held on the Gold Coast and commences 21 January 2016. Funding for this course is available under the Queensland Government’s Higher Level Skills Program. Eligibility criteria does apply so call Gold Training on 1300 885 121 or email for more information.

Billy - Cert II SEO Caboolture 3

Gold Training lends a helping hand

Gold Training and Help Enterprises recently partnered to deliver skills based training with a Certificate 2 in Surface Extraction Operations in Caboolture.

Students from the course were guided through the practical skills for entry into the mining, quarries or construction industries. The students were identified by Help Enterprises as needing a hand-up in their search for employment.

A highlight of the course was the presence of Gold Ambassador, Billy Moore. The rugby league legend talked to the lads about making positive choices in life and taking control of their own futures. “Educating yourself and learning new skills is a tremendous place to start to make your life goals a reality”, he said.

Michael Wallis from Help Enterprises came along to hear Billy speak and commented, “all the boys will take something positive home today. Billy got their attention and got them thinking. What a great initiative from Gold. Can’t wait to do more just like it!”

Billy was happy to stick around for a few selfies and a group shot with the boys. It was a session the boys will remember for a long time.

Gold Training would also like to thank the Bonelli Group for providing the machinery and training grounds to make this course possible.

The next training course starts 11 January 2016. Places are limited and seats are filling fast.

Call us on 1300 885 121 or email


5 things we learnt from the Hobart Test

1. How sad is the state of West Indies cricket.

I mean that sincerely. They were completely outplayed by the Australian team and beaten by more than an innings , and given that we declared at only four wickets down the margin could have been far greater! Something needs to happen and cricket needs to help this once great nation regain their deserved place in the upper echelon of World Cricket. We as a game need to use the T20 format to our advantage and ensure that ALL nations remain strong, financially sound and continue to produce players for the next generation to witness.

2. Poor preparation is costly.

Far too often we see teams come to Australia and go into the Test matches with little preparation in our conditions. It then takes the visitors the first Test match to adjust and start to perform. Once again the Windies were under prepared with only a two-day game against a very inexperienced Cricket Australia team to prepare them for the rigours of the Test arena. Then, the first session bit once again! So often we say how important the first day, the first session, the first hour is to a series. Well, would you believe the match started with…… yes you guessed it, a no ball. It did not just occur in the first over, but the second as well with each Roach and Taylor bowling illegal deliveries. What followed were deliveries that were too full and too short on both sides and plenty of boundaries from some nice batting from the Aussie openers. This resulted in Australia reaching the 50 mark in just 7.4 overs which included ten boundaries in 35 minutes! Game, Set and Match Australia.

3. Smith declared too early.

Who else wanted Steve Smith to delay the declaration at lunch on day two to allow Adam Voges to continue his epic innings and push towards 300 and possibly beyond? I certainly was! There was still plenty of time left in the Test match and we were almost certainly not going to bat again. Therefore I would have loved Voges to have had the opportunity to do something special. It is exciting for the game to have players achieve records and let’s hope that someone has a chance to do something special in the next couple of Test matches and Smith allows them an extra hour or two to thrill the crowd.

4. Big names need to stand up!

All teams from all sports rely on the senior players to stand up, lead the way, direct the other players and to win games for their team. Unfortunately the West Indies had none of that in the first Test and it seems none in the warm up match and very little of recent times in any big matches. Marlon Samuels is one of the most frustrating players to watch on the planet. He clearly has some talent and some skill and should really be performing more than his 34 average suggests, however the outward appearance of being “too cool for school”, or “I better not be seen to be trying too hard” really gets under my skin. His yawning in the field, jogging after balls while fielding and general lack of outward enthusiasm would be incredibly tough to endure as a team mate or as a supporter watching in the crowd. Kemar Roach and Jerome Taylor are in a similar boat in my opinion. They had a massive role on day one of the series and they both appeared to go missing when their team needed them the most. The pair bowled poorly in the opening overs and got hit to all parts of the ground. When they were finally asked to return by the skipper the damage was already done and the Test and the series had already eluded them.

5. It’s time to look forward!

The rest of this series seemingly has little interest, but make no mistake there is plenty on the line for many current players who are striving to forge a long term spot in the Baggy Green. Does Khawaja come straight back in? If so, who is it for? Does Shaun Marsh make way? Is it Burns that gets dropped? Do we continue to play Mitchell Marsh as the all-rounder? And most importantly, how will this Australian team go on the road with the first real challenge being New Zeland in February? Winning on the road is the challenge that Darren Lehmann and Steve Smith have spruiked to this team and will determine how they will be truly judged. Our selections need to mirror the thoughts and plans of the team for the next 12 – 18 months. In my opinion I think the selectors will show faith in Burns and that Khawaja will come back in to the team using the old “last man in, first man out” mentality. Unfortunately this then leaves an unlucky Shaun Marsh on the sidelines.

In saying that I am really looking forward to see what happens and I will be a very interested spectator in the stands of the magnificent MCG come Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas to all!
Jeff Vaughan