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Gold Training’s guide to your golden years

It’s true that the vast majority of people who are entering further education pathways are young, but that doesn’t mean that you are ever “too old” to study.

In recent years, there has been an increase in mature age students as more and more people seek to refine, or completely change, their knowledge and skill base to assist with self or job improvement and in many cases to assist in changing professions.

Whether you’re bored and unchallenged by your current job, or want to upskill yourself to gain that promotion you have been working so hard to achieve, it’s never too late to learn something new.

There are, however, many things to consider. Take a look through the guide below for some helpful tips designed to assist you with returning to study.

Children and income:
Many people worry about the lack of income and the ability to take care of their children when considering a return to study.
Whilst full-time study can be a burden on oneself, Gold Training has many options for part-time, a flexible study that you can work around any sort of schedule, ensuring that the pressure on your family and income is minimal.

Age and technology:
Another issue that many have is that technology has overtaken them and that they are “too old” to study, stating a fear that they cannot keep up with the younger generations.
Fortunately, Gold Training can quell all of these fears with dedicated and patient teaching staff that can help you through any issue you have with the course or technology.
Why risk putting that dream career in jeopardy any longer?

Support services:
The biggest concern mature age students have is the perceived lack of support on behalf of the Registered Training Organisation.
A fear that you can be left behind and wasting your own money is completely unfounded with Gold Training.
Dedicated services to assist all of our recruits in ensuring you won’t be left in the dark when you take on this exciting new chapter in your life.

Lawton becomes mentor for Coolangatta kids


It’s been a big three weeks for the kids at Coolangatta State Primary school with the year students receiving regular visits from emerging Titans star Karl Lawton.

Recovering from a serious leg injury suffered just forty-six minutes into his NRL debut for the Titans, Lawton didn’t waste a second of his time away from the game, enrolling in a Youth Work course with Club Sponsor and registered training authority Gold Training.

“I’m doing a youth working course through Gold Training and it just really helps you put the theory into practice and learn what you are actually going to be doing when you go into youth working groups and how to deal with kids in a certain manner”

An excitable bunch, Karl was initially taken back by some of the kid’s stories, their energy and behaviour but quickly noticed a change in their behaviour after putting them through their paces with some solid workouts.

Karl also spent time talking with the students about their transition to high school next year. “You can definitely see a change in them and the kids now hopefully have a mentor and it’s just prepping them for high school and reassuring them they are going to be ok and are comfortable about going there”

Coolangatta State Primary was an automatic choice for the Coolly local who grew up in the area and wanted to work with the region’s locals, Lawton admitting he got as much out of each session as the kids did.

“Just going down every Wednesday after training and focussing on the kids, it’s a real feel-good feeling for me, I go down there, help them and put a smile on their face. In return I cop a lot of love, the kids are pretty funny, they have a joke with me”

Karl plans to continue with his Youth Work commitments post football and has promised to check in on his grade seven buddies once the school bell sounds for the start of 2017.

Interested in a career in Youth Work and making a difference in your community? Contact the tea at Gold Training about our Certificate IV in Youth Work qualification.

For enquiries about this course call 1300 885 121 or email


What type of learning style are you?

Starting out a new pathway for study can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, least of all because of the new and sometimes alien content. However, figuring out what type of learner you are, and how best you obtain knowledge, can really assist you in settling into your chosen qualification and give you the very best chance of success. Whilst we are all different, there are a few broad categories that many of us will identify with. Understanding which category you belong and the best way you learn new information will take a weight off your shoulders when you’re studying, so have a look below and see which best learning style you identify with!
Visual learning style:

Visual learners best retain information by seeing and reading. Diagrams and written notes work best for this type of learner rather than engaging in discussion, and if you are a visual learner, you probably prefer teachers who do most of their teaching on the whiteboard and use prepared handouts. If you’re a visual learner, try to stay on top of your notes throughout your course to manage your workload toward the end, and perhaps try color co-ordinating them for easy reference. Visual learners would be suited to both online and face-to-face learning.
Auditory learning style:

Auditory learners pick information up easier by hearing and listening to what others have to say. Notes don’t work as well as engaging in discussions with teachers are peers. Reading is most effective when done carefully and out loud, and auditory learners are quite likely to hum and talk to themselves to sound things out. Auditory learners may find  online classes a little challenging and would do better with face-to-face interaction.
Kinaesthetic learning style:

Kinaesthetic learners are strictly learn-by-doing. They much prefer hands-on and practical exercises than listening or reading notes. This type of learner is very energetic with a shorter attention span, and tends to need a few small breaks every so often, preferring to stay active rather than sitting for long periods of time. This type of learner is far more suited to face-to-face learning, unless the online learning is equally stimulating.

Here at Gold Training, we understand that every person is different with varied learning needs and requirements. This is why we offer a variety of online and in-person courses, taking into account all learning types to help you maximise your potential and with study obtain the career you always wanted.


Gold Training welcome Anthony Milford to their Youth work and leadership team!

Anthony Milford is a qualified rugby league superstar at just 21, however freely admits he could easily have been lost to the sport.

The young Australian of Samoan decent is also acutely aware that there are many other extremely talented young men and women in the community who unlike himself won’t receive the required support or opportunity to prove themselves on or off the field.

It’s an issue Anthony is very keen to address.

Growing up in Inala, Anthony watched as many of his equally talented friends quit footy and essentially gave up on their dreams, for a variety of reasons.

It was motivation enough for the talented rugby league prodigy to undertake and complete a youth work and leadership qualification which he immediately put to use.

Anthony now spends much of his spare time working with the students Marsden State High, the emerging Queensland Origin star determined to keep the students he is in contact with on the right path.

“I’m there once a week helping the kids out and having input on what they come across in their lives” Milford said.

“A lot of them have their problems. I’m not there to fix them but help show them a way”

“I’m really passionate about youth work and convinced that with a little additional focus and attention, many more teenagers will have the courage to pursue their dreams and realise their goals.”

As an official Gold Training Ambassador, Anthony is committed to working with youth from right around the country, and determined to make a real and positive difference in their lives.


Gold Training National Manager Samantha Johnson says the signing of Anthony Milford as an official Youth Work mentor is an exciting opportunity for Gold Training who will work with the Brisbane star to deliver youth work qualifications to likeminded people around the state.

“Through this association and partnership with Anthony and utilising his reach and natural connection with the youth market, Gold Training aims to deliver tailored Youth Work and leadership qualifications right across the state”

“Importantly from a Gold Training perspective, Anthony was identified as a potential ambassador for our youth programs due to the fact that he had previously completed a youth work course and was actively working to make a difference to the lives of youths in his community” 


So inspired by the Anthony Milford story, Samantha immediately contacted the young star’s management to discuss a potential partnership.

“From our first meeting it became absolutely clear that Anthony has a genuine passionate for Youth Work and a real awareness of his ability to make a difference”

“As Gold Training’s official Youth Work Ambassador Anthony will promote the company’s Youth Work courses & qualifications, sharing his own story and assisting others to develop and make a difference in their own Communities”  


Gold Training provide online and face to face youth work qualifications across Queensland with our qualified course facilitators ready to assist you in achieving a Youth Work qualification at a pace which suites your lifestyle, profession or circumstances.

Visit  for more information on the Gold Training Youth Work & Leadership qualifications.



Gold Training’s Golden Rules for finding the right course for you

Deciding on what course to take can be an overwhelming and confusing time.

At Gold Training, we’ve tried to simplify the process to help find the best fit for you.

Choosing the right course can lead you to the career of your dreams.

We love what we do at Gold Training, and we want the same for you! So read through our tips below and become one step closer to the perfect career for you!

What industry do you want to work in?

Hopefully you will have an idea of what industry you would ideally work in.

Deciding this can really help narrow down the courses so they’re most relevant to you, but it can be confusing with all the different options out there.

If you’re still struggling, why not have a look through the Gold Training course list and see if anything stands out as something you’d be interested in! Or simply keep reading on to help narrow it down.

What do you love doing?

Are you an outdoors person who prefers working with their hands and creating things? Or do you love numbers and business processes? Maybe you’re passionate about sports and managing teams? Reminding yourself of what you love can really help clarify what area you want to work in.

What are your strengths or weaknesses?

Grabbing a pen and paper and really thinking about your own strengths and weaknesses can be a great way to get clarity on where you are, and where you’d like to end up! Focusing on your strengths can really help you decide where to go. Perhaps you’re a creative type who excels at writing, or maybe you are more numbers oriented. Are you great with people or prefer working alone? Be honest with your self-appraisal and see what types of careers your strengths match up to.

What study option is best for you?

Sometimes it can be difficult to plan your short-term future, and it’s hard to commit to a study load. Maybe you’ve just finished school and have enough time to study full time. Or perhaps you already have a job and want to gain some more knowledge, but need to study part time.

As well as this, you will need to decide how you will study. Do you want the interaction and assistance that you gain from being in a classroom with our wonderful trainers? Or perhaps you simply cannot make it in because of distance or other concerns, and need to train online. Either way, Gold Training has a variety of courses with both full-time and part-time study loads, face-to-face and online, so you can tailor your study to suit you!